COMPLETE BATMAN LIST (First 10 Years In Order)

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I've decided to include a list of the Batman stories we've detailed as a part of this project sans the summaries/descriptions for everyone's convenience.  So here are the first ten years!

fb = flashback
fbs = flashbacks
r = referenced
* = no specific canonical reference, meaning this event or character debut does not have a current Earth-0 origin story and therefore, the original debut issue is most likely the canonical reference point

YEAR ONE (April 1989 to March 1990)

--"Batman Year One" [overlaps with the next year's worth of stories]
--Bruce obtains patents on parts to secretly use for Bat-tech (r in Superman/Batman #85)
--"Shaman Part 1" (LOTDK #1) / fb from 'tec #0
--Catwoman: Her Sister's Keeper #1-2 / Catwoman Annual #1 begins
--Batman tests new grappling gun (r in Superman/Batman #86)
--"Got a Date With an Angel" (Batman Chronicles #19, Part 1)
--"One Night in Gotham City" by John Byrne (The Man of Steel #3)
--debut of Poison Ivy*
--Batman and Superman learn each others' identities; debut of Lois Lane (r in Superman #710)
--fbs from Killing Joke / fbs from Gotham Knights #54
--debut of Dr. Death (fb from Batman #682 / fb from Streets of Gotham #20
--Dirigible of Doom case (fb from Batman #682)
--debut of Julie Madison (fb from Batman #682)
--Martian Manhunter Vol. 2 #22
--Batman & The Monster Men by Matt Wagner
--Alfred fbs from Batman #682
--'tec #27 homage fb from Batman #682
--Batman & The Mad Monk by Matt Wagner
--Julie Madison leaves (fb from Batman #682)
--"Prey" (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #11-15)
--Catwoman #3-4 / Catwoman: Her Sister's Keeper #3-4
--Frank Miller's "Batman Year One" ends
--"Guardian" (Batman: Gotham Knights #10, Part 2/B&W)

--debut of Lynn Eagles (r in LOTDK #67) 
--debut of Matches Malone (fb from Batman #589)
--Batman: The Man Who Laughs by Ed Brubaker/Doug Manhke
--Batman Confidential #22-25 / fbs from 'tec Annual #8
--Batman kisses Catwoman for first time (epilogue from Her Sister's Keeper #4)
--debut of Penguin*
--"Shaman Parts 2-5" (Legends of the Dark Knight #2-5)
--Batman trains with Zatara (r in 'tec #827)
--debut of Peyton Riley, Tommy Elliot kills mom (fbs from 'tec #848-849)
--Bruce and Alfred chat about Julie (fb from Batman #682)
--Batman: Journey into Knight #1-6 by Andrew Helfer/Tan Eng Huat

YEAR TWO (April 1990 to March 1991)

--Bruce meets Selina out-of-costume (r in Batman: Long Halloween #1)
--"Irresistible" by Tom Peyer/Tony Harris (LOTDK #169-171)
--"Deja Vu" by Darwyn Cooke (Solo #5)
--Batman/Catwoman: Trail of the Gun #1-2
--"Gothic" by Grant Morrison/Klaus Janson LOTDK #6-10)
--debuts of Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, and Dr. Double X*
--"Hot House" by John Francis Moore/P. Craig Russell (LOTDK #42-43)
--"Stalking" by Lee Marrs/Eddy Newell (LOTDK #107-108)
--debuts of Silken Spider, Tiger Moth, and Dragon Fly*
--Batman: Journey into Knight #7-12 by Andrew Helfer/Tan Eng Huat
--"Testament" by John Wagner/Chris Brunner (LOTDK #172-176)
--Batman begins logging in Black Casebook (r in Batman #665 / fb from Batman #673
--"Dinosaur Island" (Batman Chronicles #8, part 3)
--Penny Plunderer Case*
--Batman's 2nd encounter with Joker (fb from Batman #589)
--Batman earns Penguin trophy*
--The Case of the Prophetic Picture*
--Batman earns Little Buddha statue trophy*
--"Good Cop... Bad Cop" (Batman Confidential #29-30)
--"Wings" (LOTDK Annual #5) [overlaps with next 10 months]
--"Flyer" by Howard Chaykin/Gil Kane (LOTDK #24-26)
--"Playground" by James Robinson/Dan Brereton (LOTDK #114)
--"Choices" (LOTDK Halloween Special #1
--"Infected" by Warren Ellis/John McCrea (LOTDK #83-84
--"The Sleeping" by Scott Hampton (LOTDK #76-78)
--"Tao" by Alan Grant/Arthur Ranson (LOTDK #52-53)
--"Terminus" by Jaimie Delano/Chris Balacho (LOTDK #64)
--"Turf" by Steven Grant/Shawn McManus (LOTDK #44-45)
--"Blades" by James Robinson/Tim Sale (LOTDK #32-34)
--debut of young Helena Bertinelli (fb from Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood #4) 
--"Favorite Things" by Mark Millar/Steve Yeowell (LOTDK #79) 
--"Blink" (LOTDK #156-158)
--"Pulp Heroes" (LOTDK Annual #7)
--Batman exposes French-Algerian terror cell (r in Legends of the Dark Knight #106) 
--debuts of Solomon Grundy and Calendar Man*
--"Rules of Engagement" (Batman Confidential #1-6)
--Bruce becomes majority owner of Wayne Enterprises (r in Superman/Batman #85)
--Batman defeats El-Kar’isha (r in LOTDK #105) 
--"Going Sane" (LOTDK #65-68) [continues into next year]

YEAR THREE (April 1991 to March 1992)

--"Going Sane" (LOTDK #65-67) continues at the outset of this year
--"Venom" (LOTDK #16-18) begins in May
--Harvey Dent promoted to D.A.*
--Batman: The Long Halloween begins in June
--"Going Sane" (LOTDK #68) ends in August
--Dent meets with Batman (fb from Batman #527)
--"Wings" (LOTDK Annual #5) ends
--"Venom" (LOTDK #18-20) ends in October
--"Don't Blink" (LOTDK #164-167) takes place in January after Long Halloween #4
--Long Halloween #6 ends [story continues into next year]

YEAR FOUR (April 1992 to March 1993)

--Long Halloween continues with issue #7 [issues #7-13 overlap with the next 7 months]
--"Family" by James D. Hudnall/Brent Anderson (LOTDK #31
--"Idols" by James Vance/Dougie Braithewaite (LOTDK #80-82)
--"Faith" by Mike W. Barr/Bart Sears (LOTDK #21-23)
--"The Darkness" by Darren Vincenzo/Luke McDonnell (LOTDK #115)
--"Dirty Tricks" (LOTDK #95-97)
--Long Halloween ends
--Batman first teams-up with Green Arrow*  
--"Freakout" by Garth Ennis/Will Simpson (LOTDK #91-93)
--"Steps" by Paul Jenkins/Sean Phillips (LOTDK #98-99)
--"Terror" by Doug Moench/Paul Gulacy (LOTDK #137-144)
--"Loyalties" by John Ostrander/David Lopez (LOTDK #159-161)
--Batman saves Yuko Yagi (fb from Batman: Child of Dreams)
--debut of Steven Gallagher (fb from LOTDK #40)
--Alfred and Leslie revealed to be romantically involved (fb from Gotham Knights #7)
--Jeremy Samuels goes to jail (fbs from Batman #582-583)
--death of Roger Gordon, Barbara adopted by Jim*

YEAR FIVE (April 1993 to March 1994)

--debut of Wingman [Batman trains Wingman for the next 3 months] (r in Batman #669)
--Babs watches Batman meet with Jim (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #20)
--"Colossus" by Mike Baron/Bill Reinhold (LOTDK #154-155)
--"Storm" by Andrew Donkin/Graham Brand (LOTDK #58)
--"Criminals" by Steven Grant/Mike Zeck (LOTDK #69-70)
--death of Nora Fries, debut of Mr. Zero aka Mr. Freeze*
--Gordon's wife and child leave (r in Dark Victory)
--debut of Hale Corbett (r in Turning Points #5)
--Gordon promoted to commissioner (r in Dark Victory)
--Barbara Gordon becomes primary caretaker of James Junior (fb from Detective Comics #875)
--Dark Victory begins now and overlaps with the rest of this year's stories 
--"The Secret" by Joshua Hale Fialkov/Adriana Melo (Superman/Batman #85-87)
--"Batman Year Two: Fear the Reaper" by Mike Barr/Alan Davis (Detective Comics #575
--death of Judson Caspian aka The Reaper (r in DC Retroactive: Batman - The 80s #1
--"Shipwreck" by Dan Vado/Norman Felchle (LOTDK #112-113)
--"Citadel" by James Robinson/Tony Salmons (LOTDK #85)
--"Spook" by James Robinson/Paul Johnson (LOTDK #102-104)
--Booster Gold and adult Dick secretly visit from the year 2010 (Booster Gold Vol. 2 #25
--"Bad" by Doug Moench/Barry Kitson (LOTDK #146-148) 
--The Creeper Vol. 2 #1-6 by Steve Niles/Justiniano
--"Ghosts" by Sam Keith (Batman Confidential #40-43)
--Batman first teams-up with Deadman*
--Batman first teams-up with Dr. Fate*
--Batman and Superman believe Dr. Harrison Grey is dead*
--Baldwin Berkins murder case (r in Batman #603)
--Ashmore family heir kidnapping case (fb from Gotham Knights #42 / B&W)
--Bruce Wayne named People's "Sexiest Man Alive" (r in Batman Confidential #52)
--Dark Victory continues into next year

YEAR SIX (April 1994 to March 1995)

--Dark Victory continues with issue #7 [issues #7-13 overlap with the next 6 months]
--Dick spends weeks in an orphanage before being adopted by Bruce (fb from Batman #436)
--Batman teams with Superman; Dick asks Batman about him (fb from Legends of the DCU #6)
--Dick's training begins, lasting roughly six months (fb from Batman #437-439)
--Dark Victory ends
--Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet by Bruce Canwell/Lee Weeks
--Batman and Robin discuss the latter's costume (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #101)
--first official patrol for the Dynamic Duo (fb from Detective Comics #866)
--debuts of Cluemaster, Firefly, Killer Moth, Spellbinder, Calculator, Getaway Genius*
--debuts of Blockbuster and Roland Desmond (fb from Starman #9)
--debuts of Tweedle-Dum, Tweedle-Dee, Crazy Quilt, Eraser, Kite Man, Mr. Polka Dot, Hat Man, and The Cavalier*
--debut of Signalman (fb from Trinity #18 / r in Robin #149)
--debut of The Bowler (fb from Detective Comics #725)
--Robin passes "ambush training" (fb from Batman #687)
--Solomon Grundy kills hobo-murderer (fb from Batman Hidden Treasures #1, Part 1)
--Batman: Gotham After Midnight #1-8 by Steve Niles/Kelley Jones
--Bruce Wayne named People's "Sexiest Man Alive" (r in Batman Confidential #52) [overlaps with Gotham After Midnight]
--Batman and Robin crash Two-Face's hideout (r in Batman #710) [overlaps with Gotham After Midnight]
--Batman and Robin bust thugs (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #56[overlaps with Gotham After Midnight]
--Robin: Year One [overlaps with Gotham After Midnight]
--Batman: Gotham After Midnight #8-9
--"Robin & Superman: Fear of God" (Legends of the DCU #6)
--"Mask" by Bryan Talbot (LOTDK #39-40)
--"Geometry" by Dan Jurgens/Norm Rapmund (Superman #700)
--Batman: Gotham After Midnight #10-12
--"Teenage Sidekick" by Paul Pope (Solo #3)
--Bruce charged as unfit parent, goes to custody trial for Dick (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #75)
--Alfred and Bruce re-organize trophy room (fb from Batman #682)
--Batman obtains giant dice after Joker encounter*
--death of Joe Chill (fb from Batman #673)
--debut of Ace the Bathound*
--Dynamic Duo apprehend Lyman Brothers (fb from Gotham Knights #2 / B&W)
--debut of Dr. No Face (r in 52)
--Batman teams with other heroes vs Appelaxians (fb from DCU Legacies #3 / fb from JLA v. 2 #0)
--Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman decide to form JLA (fb from fb from JLA Vol. 2 #0)
--Joker's "Laughing Fish" scheme*
--"The Fishy Laugh / Reign of the Joker!" by Steve Englehart/Trevor Von Eeden
--Green Arrow joins JLA, begins funding the team (r in Legends of the DCU #12)
--debut of Snapper Carr (r in Hourman #1)
--Batman teams-up with Deadman against The Clown*
--debut of Clayface Basil Karlo (fb from Secret Origins #44)
--debut of Cyanide and Mother Grimm (fb from LOTDK #149-153)
--debut of Catman*
--Batman vs Fortas, Batman joins JLA full-time (fb from Batman Confidential #50-54)
--debut and erasure of the existance of Triumph*
--debuts of Zatanna, The Atom, Hawkman, Black Canary, Elongated Man, Red Tornado, and Phantom Stranger*
--debut of Starro*
--debuts of Darkseid, Xotar, Despero, Injustice Society, Royal Flush Gang, The Construct, Felix Faust, Dr. Destiny, Vandal Savage, Gorilla Grodd, Cheetah, Prof. Ivo, Kanjar Ro, Amos Fortune, The Lord of Time, The Key, Toyman, Brain Storm, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Libra, Simon Stagg, and Goldface* [these debuts randomly occur over the course of this year and overlap with other tales]
--JLA teams-up with JSA against Crime Champions (fb from DCU Legacies #4)
--JLA defeats Amazo, Flash gets Superman's autograph (fbs from Blackest Night #0 / Action Comics #850)
--JLA teams-up with JSA and Legion against Mordru*
--debut of Shaggy Man (fb from Justice League of America Vol. 2 #43)
 --Ollie first suspects Batman's secret identity (fb from JLA 80-Page Giant #2)
--Joker enters "popcrime" phase, has laughing contest with Dick (fb from and r in Batman #682)
--debut of Prof. Carter Nichols (r in Batman #700)
--The Case of Dana Drye*
--The Case of Judge Clay*
--death of Silas Wayne*
--Batman builds "Truth Chamber" in Batcave (r in Batman & Robin #16)
--"A New Dawn" (Batman Confidential #26-28)
--Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight: Jazz #1-3
--"Engines" by Ted McKeever (LOTDK #74-75)
--Hawkman, Atom, and Black Canary join JLA (r in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #29)
--Ollie asks Bruce to fund the JLA (fb from Legends of the DCU #12)
--first annual Superman/Batman Spring meeting* 

YEAR SEVEN (April 1995 to March 1996)

--Catwoman steals cat statue (fb from Bruce Wayne: The Road Home - Catwoman #1)
--debuts of Katherine Kane, Spyral, Santiago Vargas, and Lew Moxon (fb from Batman, Inc. #4

--"The Mystery of the Black Bat" (Batman #600)
--"Faces" by Matt Wagner (LOTDK #28-30)
--"Legend of the Dark Mite" (LOTDK #38)
--debut of Roy Blount (fbs from Detective Comics #875)
--young James Junior supposedly murders Babs' friend ((fbs from Detective Comics #875)
--Santiago Vargas debuts as El Gaucho (r in Batman Inc. #3)
--John Mayhew's Club of Heroes forms and disbands (fbs from Batman #667-669)
--Batman stops Riddler at Gotham Art Museum (fb from Joker's Asylum II: Riddler #1)
--Kathy Kane debuts as Bat-Woman (fb from Batman, Inc. #4 / r in Batman #655, Dark Detective, and 52)
--Barbara Gordon debuts as Batgirl*
--debut of Humpty Dumpty (fb from Arkham Asylum: Living Hell)
--Batgirl makes 1st public appearance, apprehends Killer Moth (fb from Secret Origins v.2 #20)
--Batgirl teams-up with Batman (fb from Batman: Batgirl)
--debut of Condiment King*
--"Photo Finish" (The Batman Chronicles #9, Part 1)
--Batman and Bat-Woman begin dating (fb from Batman, Inc. #4 / fb in Batman #682)
--Betty Kane debuts as Bat-Girl (fb from Batman, Inc. #4)
--Batman and Robin discuss Bat-Woman and Bat-Girl (fb from Batman #682)
--Batman and Bat-Woman get engaged (fb from Batman, Inc. #4)
--Robin accidentally breaks giant nickel trophy (r in Flash Vol. 2 #210)
--debut of Hooded Hangman (r in Superman/Batman #70)
--Batman meets Bat-Mite (r in Killing Joke)
--debut of Gaggy (fbs from Gotham City Sirens #6)
--debut of Children of Maya and Jennifer Blake (fb from Batman: Absolution)
--"Halloween Past: Trick and Defeat" (DCU Halloween Special 2009)
--Batman: War on Crime by Alex Ross/Paul Dini
--"Never Say Die" (Batman: Gotham Knights #27/B&W)
--Thanksgiving with Aunt Agatha (fb from Batman #565)
--death of Aunt Agatha*
--Ollie asks Batman to find Connor Hawke (fb from Green Arrow & Black Canary #5)
--"The Bat and The Beast" (Batman Confidential #31-35)
--"Batman A-Go-Go" (Solo #7
--"Work That's Never Done" (Batman Confidential #49)
--"Broken Nose" (Batman: Gotham Knights #3/B&W)
--Huntress: Year One #4-6
--Batman reveals his annoyance with "popcrime" (fb from Batman #682)
--debut of Starbreaker (fb from Justice League of America Vol. 2 #29)
--Batman meets time-traveling Access and Marvel's Daredevil but loses memory of this event (from Ultimate Access #2)
--Batman trains Bat-Hombre, defeats El Papagayo (r in Batman, Inc. #3)
--Batman and Bat-Woman share Karn hallucination (fb from Batman #682 / fb from Batman, Inc. #4)
--Batman turns into "Bat-creature" (r in Batman, Inc. #4)
--Doctor Dedalus revealed as leader or Spyral (fb from Batman, Inc. #4)
--Kathy Kane breaks up with Bruce (fb from Batman #682 / fb from Batman, Inc. #4)
--Bruce enters deep depression about Kathy (fb from Batman #682 / fb from Batman, Inc. #4)
--"Folie a Duex" (Legends of the DCU #10-11)
--debut of Dr. Milo, Batman has Zur-En-Arrh hallucination (r in Batman #679)
--debut of Dr. Simon Hurt, Batman undergoes sleep deprivation, is implanted with Zur-En-Arrh post-hypnotic trigger word, Batman hallucinates the death of Robin (fbs from Batman #673-674)
--Hurt erases Bruce's memories of his (Hurt's existence), Batman begins blacking out, contemplates retiring (fbs from Batman #673-674)
--Hurt begins training the substitute Batmen (fbs from Batman #673-674)
--Batman has Rainbow Creature hallucination (fbs from Batman #673-674)
--debut of Nick Pierce, Batman vs Riddler (fb from Batman 80-Pg Giant 2011 #1, Part 5)
--Batman briefly travels to 853rd century (DC One Million 80-Page Giant #1) 
--debut of Black Mask (fb from Catwoman Vol. 3 #83)
--Robin chats with Batman (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #75)
--Batman begins wearing YELLOW OVAL COSTUME*
--Teen Titans Year One #1-5 [overlaps with Flash Vol. 2 #210]
--Wally West meets Batman (fb from Flash Vol. 2 #210)
--Catwoman: Defiant by Peter Milligan/Tom Grindberg
--"No Escape" (Batman: Gotham Knights #29/B&W)

--JLA throws party for Snapper Carr (fb from Hourman #16)
--debut of Dr. Light (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #37)
--Snapper Carr fooled by Joker (fb from Hourman #16)
--Batman and Robin defeat Joker (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #62)
--Batman teaches Robin to use guns (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #33)
--debut of Deadshot (fb from Deadshot #1)
--debut of Manhunter Paul Kirk and The Council (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #22)
--Dynamic Duo defeats Riddler, meets Henry McNulty (fb from Batman #713)
--debut of Terrible Trio (r in 'tec #832 and "An Innocent Man" by Brian Bolland)
--Snapper Carr quits JLA (fb from Hourman #8)
--JLA is sad that Snapper Carr quit (fb from Hourman #16)
--JLA moves to satellite HQ*
--Batman dies, but is revived by the Atom (r in Justice League of America Vol. 4 #58)
--Batman & Robin vs Poison Ivy (fb from Secret Origins #36)
--Hal Jordan tries to connect with Bruce, fails (fb from Blackest Night #0)
--Dr. Milo turns Anthony Lupus into werewolf (fb from Batman #683)
--debut of The Gargoyle (fbs from Batman #477-478)
--Batman trains Mercedes Stone, death of Mercedes Stone (fb from LOTDK #37)
--debut of Copperhead*
--Joker's Five Way Revenge (r in Batman #683 / fb from Trinity #18)
--Dynamic Duo apprehends Rafferty Brothers*
--Batman and Jim Gordon watch Batgirl fight Scarecrow (fb from Booster Gold Vol. 2 #5)
--Batman and Superman attend 2nd annual Spring meeting*

YEAR EIGHT (April 1996 to March 1997)

--Batman on unspecified JLA business, returns to save Robin and Batgirl from Crazy Quilt (fb from Nightwing Annual #2)
--"Snitch" (LOTDK #51)
--"Sanctum" by Dan Raspler/Mike Mignola (LOTDK # 54)
--"All the Deadly Days: Ch. 1" by Dale Eaglesham (Batman 80-Page Giant #3)
--"Last Call at McSurley's" (Batman: Gotham Knights #25 / B&W)
--debut of Falseface*
--supervillain team-up of Two-Face, Clayface, Dr. No-Face, and Falseface (r in Batman #700)
--Bruce and Hal argue as usual (fb from Blackest Night #0)
--debut of Wrath*
--The Case of Matuchima*
--debut of Titus (fbs from JLA Classified #51and JLA Classified #53-54)
--debut of Dr. Gruener aka The Reaper (r in Batman #692)
--Booster Gold Vol. 2 #11-12 [Booster Gold and Goldstar (from the year 2010) steal the batmobile and help Wiley Dalbert, Alfred explains the theft to a confused Dynamic Duo]
--Bruce and Dick think Alfred has been killed (fb from Batman #682)
--Alfred briefly becomes The Outsider (r in Nightwing Annual #2)
--Outisder affair ends, Bat-family votes not to ever tell Alfred (r in Batman #683)
--Dick falls in love with Babs, Dick begins fighting with Bruce (fb from Nightwing Annual #2)
--Dick fights with Bruce; JLA suspends Titans (fb from Secret Origins V.2 Annual #3)
--Batman stops team-up of Joker, Gaggy, Eraser, Penguin, and Catwoman (fb from Batman #682)
--Dynamic Duo stops team-up of Joker, Riddler, Hat Man, Scarecrow, and Catwoman (fb from Batman #700)
--Prof. Nichols shuts down experiments, goes into hiding (r in Batman #700)
--Batman rescues Robin from Joker (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #62)
--Batman and Superman attend 3rd annual Spring meeting, debuts of Intergang and Project Cadmus (fb from Batman & Superman: World's Finest #4)
--"Joker Tips His Hat!" by Ed Brubaker/Stefano Guadiano (Batman #600)
--Batman: Batgirl by Kelley Puckett/Matt Haley

YEAR NINE (April 1997 to March 1998)

--Bruce moves into Wayne Tower Penthouse, switches to Bat Bunker, Alfred writes fiction stories (fbs from Batman #682)
--Dick moves to New York to attend college (fb from Batman #600)
--Bruce starts Victims Inc (r in Batman, Inc. #6)
--Joker robs bank, kills hostages (fb from DCU Legacies #5)
--debut of Matthew Thorne
--Deadshot returns (fb from Deadshot #1)
--debuts of Dr. Phosphorus, Rupert Thorne, Silver St. Cloud (r in LOTDK #132 & Batman #600)
--Teen Titans disband, New Teen Titans form*
--debut of Deathstroke*
--Booster Gold Vol. 2 #21-24 [New Teen Titans battle Ravager, Black Beetle, and a disguised time-traveling Booster Gold from 2010]
--"Night of the Bat" (Swamp Thing #7/Batman Hidden Treasures #1)
--"The Cat and The Bat" (Batman Confidential #17-21)
--"Terror Times Three!" by Len Wein/Tom Mandrake (DC Retroactive: Batman - The 70s #1
--"The Saga of Ra's Al Ghul" by Denny O'Neil/Neal Adams
--"Dark Messenger of Mercy!" (Batman #307
--"Duel" (LOTDK Annual #1)
--"Siege" (LOTDK #132-136)
--Jennifer Blake eludes Batman in Missouri (fb from Batman: Absolution)
--Dick begins dating Starfire (fb from Nightwing Annual #2)
--Babs begins dating Jason Bard*
--Teen Titans vs. JLA (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 Annual #3)
--Batman, Superman, and Robin defeat Epoch (fb from Superman/Batman #79-80)
--Dick drops out of college, moves to NYC*
--death of Gregorian Falstaff (r in DC Retroactive: Batman - The 70s #1)
--debuts of Maxie Zeus, Ultra Humanite and Carl Bork*
--debut of Mr. Zsasz (r in Shadow of the Bat #1)
--debut of Power Girl (fb from JSA Classified #1)
--Batman and Superman attend 4th annual Spring meeting, debuts of The Thorn and The 100, Superman meets Batgirl (fb from Batman & Superman: World's Finest #5)
--Batman defeats Ra's Al Ghul, finds Lazarus Pit oasis in Himalayas (fb from Year One: Batman - Ra's Al Ghul #2)
--Catwoman joins Injustice Gang*
--debuts of Zook and Weapons Master*
--Batman yells at Zook, Zook leaves Earth (fb from Superman/Batman #31)
--Batman, Superman, & Wonder Woman pose for Tex Thompson picture (r in Hero Hotline #5)
--debuts of The Sensei and Bronze Tiger; death of Kathy Kane (r in Batman, Inc. #4)

YEAR TEN (April 1998 to March 1999)

--Batman defeats Packrat (r in Legends of the DCU #13)
--debut of Vicki Vale (r from Batman #403)
--"Critical Mass" by Priest/Lashley (Legends of the DCU #13)
--Dr. Light rapes Sue Dinby, Mind-Wipe Scandal begins (fbs from Identity Crisis, OMAC Project)
--"Super Powers" by Marc Guggenheim/Jerry Bingham (Batman Confidential #50-54)
--Mind-Wipe Scandals continue (Flash Vol. 2 #215, Catwoman Vol. 3 #50)
--debut of Spirit King, death of Mr. Terrific (fb from JSA #61)
--Batman and Jason Burr vs Kobra; Burr dies (r in Faces of Evil: Kobra #1)
--JSA and JLA rescue Seven Soldiers of Victory and defeat Iron Hand; death of Red Tornado (fb from and r in JL of A Vol. 2 #0 / fb from Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. #9)
--debut of Tulane Bryce (fb from JLA 80-Page Giant #1)
--debut of Walter Lanier (r in The New Titans #65)
--Ollie shoots a mind-controlled Batman (r in Justice League of America Vol. 2 #4)
--Batman quits JLA, forms The Outsiders (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #6)
--JLA disbands, JLA reforms in Detroit with weakened line-up*
--Halo and Katana move into penthouse (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #6)
--Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman meet to discuss the new JLA (fb from Justice League of America Vol. 2 #0)
--debut of The Force of July (fb from DCU Legacies #5)
--debut of Agent Orange (r in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #6)
--Batman and the Outsiders break into the JLA satellite*
--Batman and the Outsiders save Halo from the Aurakles (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #6)
--debut of Paul Sloane (fbs from 'tec #777-782)
--Dynamic Duo apprehends The Spook (fb from Batman: Gotham Knights #46)
--debut of Professor Radium (r in Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bl├╝dhaven #4)
--debuts of Queen of Hearts and Jack of Clubs (fb from Batman #472)
--Joker and Killer Croc assemble villains including debuting Captain Stingaree ('tec #526 / r in Batman #703)
--Getaway Genius diagnosed with cancer and retires (fb from Batman #703)
--debut of Winslow Heath (fb from Detective Comics #867-870)
--Batman and Phantom Stranger vs The Hellerites (r in The Return of Bruce Wayne #5)
--debut of Death Man (fb from Batman Incorporated #2)
--Dynamic Duo vs Penguin, Tim discovers their identities (fb from Secret Origins 80-Page Giant #1)
--Dick unveils prototype Nightwing costume (fb from Batman #682)
--Joker nearly kills Robin (r in Batman: Orphans #1 & Nightwing Vol. 2 #134)
--Dick briefly quits as Robin, returns to help bust Tigers (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #134-135)
--Dick and Bruce argue (fb from Batman #713)
--"Nightwing: Year One, Ch. 1-3" (Nightwing #101-103)
--Black Orchid #2 by Neil Gaiman/Dave McKean
--Bruce tells Wonder Woman and Superman about Jason Todd (fb from J L of A Vol. 2 #0)
--debuts of Clayface III, Electrocutioner, Black Spider, Film Freak, and Firebug*
--Babs gets Masters, gets elected to Congress, becomes librarian*
--Batman stops Joker at Antique Society (fb from 'tec #617)
--Killer Moth learns Batman's secret identity, suffers brain injury and forgets (r in SotB #8)
--debut of Mirage (fb from Shadow of the Bat #15)
--debut of Ten-Eyed Man*
--debut of Wilson and Fiona (r in Batman: 80-Page Giant Vol. 2 #1)
--debuts of The Dark Rider*
--Babs gets engaged to Jason Bard*
--Man-Bat discovers Batman's secret identity (r in Gotham Knights #45)
--debut of The Glass Man (r in Robin #153)
--Joker uses shark tank death trap (fb from Batman #682)
--“Scars” (Batman: Batgirl–Girlfrenzy! #1)
--Bruce impregnates Talia (fb from Batman #683)
--"Nightwing: Year One, Ch. 4-6" (Nightwing #104-106
--"Two of a Kind"/"Second Chance" (Batman #410-411)
--Dynamic Duo and WW help Superman beat Mongul (r in Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #1)
--Batman, Robin, and Nightwing team-up (fb from Batman & Robin #23)
--Bruce chats with Jason (fb from Batman & Robin #24)
--Booster Gold Vol. 2 #14 [Batman and Robin (Jason) apprehend Mr. Freeze]
--debut of Tiki Rivera (r in LOTDK #209)
--Batman warns Robin about the dangers of Joker (fb from Red Hood: Lost Days #6)
--Joker takes TV-game show hostage (fb from Joker's Asylum: Joker #1)
--Scarecrow terrorizes teen slumber party (fb from Joker's Asylum: Scarecrow #1)
--Batman and Superman attend 5th annual Spring meeting*
--Looker joins Outsiders* 
--Batman and Robin defeat Scarecrow (fb from DCU Legacies #5)
--debut of Kevin McNulty (fb from Batman #713
--debut of Karl Kyle (r in Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #3)
--Batman vs. Killer Moth (r in Harley Quinn #10)
--debut of Two-Bear Brothers (r in Harley Quinn #9)
--mariage of Donna Troy (fb from Justice League of America Vol. 2 #0)
--"Revenge of the Reaper!" by Barr/Bingham (DC Retroactive: Batman - The 80s #1)
--The Crisis on Infinite Earths / fb from DCU Legacies #5 / Legends of the DCU: Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 / r in Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search
--Kal-L and Lois Lane of former Earth-2, Alex Luthor of former Earth-3, and Superboy-Prime exile themselves (fbs from Infinite Crisis)


  1. Mind boggling research. You may be able to help me. I haven't bought Batman comics for about 10 years and am just reading my son the Knightfall story arch which he is loving. I went into my local comic shop today because my son is buying the Batman Brave and Bold and Billy Batson kids titles. The comic guy told me that Bruce wayne has been killed off and Dick is now Batman. Forgive my ignorance but if I wanted to catch up on what I've missed over the years, could you give me a reading list of graphic novels that would get me up to date? Cheers, Coop.

  2. excellent job! You put Gothic in year 2? There is a logic to that the Gangsters are scared of Batman at that point, he seems like he is just starting out, no evidence of anything else going on, no robin, no Oracle, no Nightwing.

    However, I think Gordon was the commissioner in that story (will have to check later).

    Tough call. I would do either year 1-2.

    Going Sane I would put later. Its hard to imagine that the following things happen in only two years: Batman helps form Joker, Batman has reoccurring battles with Joker, Joker breaks out of Arkham multiple times, Batman fights him enough that Joker becomes obsessed with him, Gordon is promoted, and Batman gets use to all the tricks that Joker uses.

    I mean hell it could take months just for him to go to trial for the events taking place after he tried to poison Gotham. Let alone continuously break-out of the place.

    Still an excellent job!

  3. Thanks for reading isiah! I don't think Gordon is even in "Gothic" and as far as "Going Sane" goes... It is one of the hardest stories to fit into continuity. DeMatteis' story-arcs usually take months or even years to wrap up, which doesn't help either. I originally had "Going Sane" much later when I started the blog, but it contradicted too many things in too many places. I'll re-examine the epic tale and see what can be done, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Take care and keep reading! --Collin

  4. I deleted my comment I left for Coop because I wrote it before I really knew what was going on with the "death" of Batman... so here is an UPDATE/re-comment...

    Bruce HASN'T BEEN KILLED OFF! He's not even dead! The corpse that Superman holds during Final Crisis is that of a dead Batman clone. Bruce is lost in time as a result of being struck with Darkseid's Omega Beam.

    Anyway, a lot has happened in the last ten years. Here's a brief rundown of major Batman story-arcs in order (that are comparable to the relevancy of a tale like Knightfall, which is still one of my favorites).

    --No Man's Land (the government declares Gotham a wasteland, cut-off from the rest of society)

    --Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Fugitive (Bruce is framed for murder)

    --Hush (introduction of Hush)

    --War Games (crime war involving Black Mask, Stephanie Brown as Robin)

    --Under the Hood (Jason Todd returns)

    --Black Case Book (beginning of Grant Morrison run)

    --Batman and Son (introduction of Bruce's son with Talia Al Ghul, Damian)

    --Batman R.I.P. (the final Bruce Wayne story-arc before Final Crisis where he dies)

    There are a bunch more you could probably throw in there of course, but these are the major ones of the past ten years. Good reading! and if you want any more recommendations let me know (or if you have questions) -CC

  5. The Reaper debuts in year 10? After Jason Todd is Robin? No. And how can 'The Cult' have happened so early in Jason's tenure as Robin when in 'A Death in The Family'(After Jason's dead) Bruce thinks to himself "You're still not back to total efficency after that encounter you had with Deacon Blackfire." Which would put 'The Cult' and 'A Death In The Family' in close proximity to eachother. I'm sure Batman wasn't affected by what happened in 'The Cult' The entire time Jason was Robin. Just something to think about.

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    This is why I love getting feedback... because I'm only human and there are probably dozens, if not hundreds, of errors strewn throughout this blog. The Reaper DOES indeed debut when Dick is still Robin. And everyone on Earth-Prime would surely agree that "The Cult" takes place in the months prior to Jason's death, not a full year before. SO, I've made the proper adjustments! Thanks for reading and thanks especially for the help! -CC

  7. This is an amazing timeline! I have to say though, I think the first turning points goes before dark victory starts. I don't think it would be made to be put inside dv. Also, Mr. origen story is covered in 'Snow' (LotDK #192-196)-Shemz

  8. Good call on that Turning Points issue. Here's the deal with "Snow", which I personally really like. Either "Snow" (LotDK #192-196)is canon, or "Cold Case" (LOTDK #201-203) is canon, but both cannot be.

    If "Snow" is out-of-continuity, it is so not only because Batman is wearing the yellow-oval costume (which is wrong), but also because "Cold Case" from Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #201-203 renders it so. "Cold Case" tells us that Victor and Nora are considerably older than Bruce and were contemporaries of Martha and Thomas Wayne. In "Cold Case", we learn that Victor knew about Nora's condition for decades before this time period and had even committed several murders in her name. "Snow" shows a much younger Victor and Nora, and the former only just learns about his wife's fatal condition right then and there.

    Why DC would publish two contradicting Mr. Freeze origin tales so close to one another is beyond me. Which one is correct? I don't know for sure, but you have no choice other than to choose one. PS "Snow" also ignores the fact that Mr. Freeze went by the name Mr. Zero first and even wore a different costume first. --CC

    1. Haha, I haven't read Snow but I'm kinda tracking through JH Williams' work. Was just curious where it fit into your timeline. A quick google search brought me to this post. You, sir, are a batman wizard.

    2. Hey Jonathan, it's been a while since I've read it, but "Snow," if it were canon, would probably go in Year Five, somewhere shortly before "Batman: Dark Victory." If that seem incorrect to you, I can always do a re-read and get more specific.

  9. hey, just a minor point - if you set the first post to sticky or put the date on the second post as far in the past, the site will display in order when someone comes to the front page. Right now it displays with the second set of years first, which is a little weird.

    BTW, I'm adding you to my links section today. (at

    I've landed on here a couple times while composing my full DCU trade reading order, and tI think this site is totally great for batman fans!

    Reading order isn't always the same as chronology, I'm sure my readers would love to know of this resource!

  10. Thanks Ian! Love your website as well. Keep up the good work! -Collin C

  11. Love the timeline! A lot of work has gone into your research! Thanks for sharing. I have a question regarding the novels for Batman. Do you know the timeline for the nvels as they pertain to a reading list. I picked up Batman No Mans Land becuase of the amazing artwork of the cover. I love the novel. I started back tracking to read other stories and came across great books like Knightfall. I prefer reading the novels to the graphic books/comics, and would like a chronological list of novels. Is this something you or your posters could help me out with? Sorry if there are spelling mistakes....I recently injured my hand and typing is proving be difficult. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


  12. Thanks BW! The only Batman prose novel I've actually read is the "The Ultimate Evil" by Andrew Vachss (which I'm pretty sure is meant to be out-of-continuity). The novels you are talking about are the prose adaptations of the comics stories (which at times give a ton more detailed information, and such is the case with No Man's Land the Novel finely penned by Greg Rucka). As a far as I know, the "No Man's Land" prose novel links up chronologically with the "No Man's Land" comics on my list. I don't have any current plans to list prose novels, but maybe that's a job for Ian@TradeReadingOrder (see above in comments). Again, thanks for reading --Collin C

  13. Hmm, I think we could tackle it. It would have to be after I finish Marvel, so a while, but I'll look into it!

  14. Hi, I've just started an attempt to read through post-Crisis Batman chronologically, & your list has been a great help. One of the first stories I came across was "'Til Death Do Us Part", which would seem to be set in Year One: it features Branden's SWAT team, a member of which comments on Gordon's being made captain; Batman comments he's "new at this"; &, well, the title graphic reads "A Story of Year One". However, you place it in Year Five--probably because it features Barbara filing for divorce w/ Gordon, which from what I understand is an event that occurs around then. Could this story make sense for Year One, where it was obviously intended, or is it one of those that won't fit right no matter where you place it?

    --Joe C

  15. The entire "Turning Points" series is subject for debate. Much of it has been retconned out of continuity, but the framework still fits in a sort of "DC Universe Legacies" kind of way, which is why I've decided to keep it instead of chucking it. Basically, Turning Points #1 must take place after Long Halloween and at the start of Dark Victory. However, this story was written before Long Halloween or Dark Victory were published and therefore didn't take those stories into account. What I've done is placed the story into continuity in a way that it fits even WITH the addition of these newer canonical tales. Originally, "Til Death Do Us Part" functioned as the final entry of Batman's Frank Miller-ized Year One. But, like I always say, due to the addition of so many other stories, we must think of "Year One" as a generalized term which describes Batman's first 3,4,5, or even 10 years (i.e. a "Year One Era" or what DC would refer to currently as "The Silver Age"). Having said that, I put Dark Victory in Year Five/Six (based upon my own unique calculations), whereas many would rather place it in the classic Robin-debut year; Year Three. So, if you happen to be one of THOSE PEOPLE, then you could conceivably still place "Til Death Do Us Part" at the beginning of Year Three. Confusing, but I hope this answers your question! -Collin

  16. Wow! This must've been a lot of work! Have you read ALL of these?

  17. Yes! Well, I've read probably 90-95%. The 5% being some random JLAs, and various cameo books like Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc... It's a lot of pages (and a lot of time).

  18. Hey man, I'm taking this time to thank you, for I am osessive about timelines and chronology and all that in the fiction works I enjoy. I'm very thankful of you to have set up such a complete chronology!

    I happened to stumble upon your website completly randomly while looking for something about some Batman storyline on google. As much people have told you, that is one impressive piece of work! I must congratulate you. I can't imagine all the hours (who am I kinding? MONTHS!) you've put into this.

    While I'm at it, I've been wondering when would the Cacophony storyline happens, and I didn't find it in your document. I may have only missed it.. I didn't have time to read it thoroughly yet. Any idea?

  19. GCM,

    I had "Cacophony" on here originally, but many aspects of the story link up to "Widening Gyre" which still has yet to finish. Once all the Kevin Smith story-arcs end, then I will do my best to add them all in to the time-line. For now, I wouldn't feel comfortable even venturing a guess, especially since Smith's Bat-tales are pretty insane.

  20. Great list, I love it, so does everyone else who leaves comments so this is nothing new, but I do have several questions this being the first of many as I move my comics around to best match this list of yours. I'm assuming this is all post crisis, so as far as Batman and Detective Comics go what do you consider to be the first issue of each of these series as far as post crisis is concerned?

    - Matt

  21. The post-original Crisis era (aka the MODERN AGE) begins with the mega crossover story arc known as "LEGENDS." The Batman tie-ins to this series are Batman #401 and Detective Comics #568, and thus your entry points into the Modern post-original Crisis world of the DCU.

    (The Modern Age would/should have started with Batman #392, which was the first Batman issue to be released after the original Crisis. However, the storyline that takes place from Batman #392 through Batman #399 was written before the original Crisis had concluded, so it didn't reflect any of the changes that had occurred. Also, Batman #400 is an out-of-continuity anniversary issue that functioned as a special end note to the Bronze Age.)

    Of course, Batman #404-407 comprises the seminal "Year One" story by Miller/Mazzucchelli that still defines the Dark Knight's origins to this day.