Long Time No See...

I hope everyone has been reading the new Real Batman Chronology Project website where I have been hard at work on a former Earth-Two Batman (Golden Age) chronology.  The New Age (DCnU/New 52) chronology will be coming soon, so no worries for all those concerned I have given up on new comics.

Also, is anyone else excited for Grant Morrison's Leviathan Strikes! one-shot coming out this week?  In case you didn't already know, this is officially (DC even released a statement) the final Batman story in the "previous continuity."  "Previous continuity": DC's words, not mine.  This means that this issue will be the definitive swan song for the Modern Age Batman.  I'm especially stoked because this also means that Morrison can literally do whatever he wants, right?  I mean, the final Batman story for a continuity that no longer exists?  Written by Morrison?  Can't wait!

ALSO!!!  I just fixed a huge bug that has been affecting my blog for the past six months.  My followers weren't showing up and no one could add me either!  BUT IT IS FIXED!  So ADD ME!

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