Mirror Site Up (Under Construction)

I FINALLY have a mirror site up and running (at THE REAL BATMAN CHRONOLOGY PROJECT).  Most of anything new will now happen on the mirror site.  Bear in mind that the site is in the serious beta phase and will be under construction for quite some time to come.  Please check it out!  In a nice nod to all my fine followers, readers, and contributors I've added footnotes to the new website based off of the wonderful "diver's hands" comments from the blog and from various E-mails I've received over the years.  Oh, and for anyone wondering, this blog will continue with sporadic posts about comicdom and Batman stuff, so feel free to frequent both sites and offer opinions, suggestions, etc...

Thanks everyone!  --Collin C


  1. So how do you plan on incorporating the post-Flashpoint universe into the chronology? Are you going to keep the original chronology intact for interest's sake and build the new chronology in a separate space, or as we learn more about the DCnU will you begin removing things and restructuring to have only one fluid timeline? I can see pros and cons to both options.

  2. The "Modern Age" for all intents and purposes is closed for business. (I will probably add a few things to tie up the loose ends in the coming months, but that's that). The new DCnU timeline is indeed brand new and separate. So, keep an eye out for it!