Missing in the Modern Age

Hey folks!  Long time no action on here (although that's not entirely true, since I'm still tweaking and adding things to the Modern Age timeline almost on a daily basis).  Where did the action go, you ask?  Well if you didn't already know, it's moved over to The Real Batman Chronology Project.COM.

But I'm not just posting on here to shill the website (which you should def go check out!), I'm posting because I've assembled a list on the new blog that is relevant to the Modern Age timeline.  The list details ninety-plus single issues that supposedly feature Batman cameos, but ones that I can't get ahold of or have read so long ago that I have forgotten.  These issues need to be crossed-off or added to the chronology!  If anyone can help out with any of them, let me know! Just head over to the list-link above and take a gander and leave a comment or email me at therealbatmanchronologyproject@gmail.com.  I've got a few other posts online at the new blogspace as well.

I'm also still taking name suggestions for the new blog.  I've gotten a few, but nothing snazzy enough to warrant making a change.  Thanks everyone!



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