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In my very first entry to this blog, way way way back in 2009, I added a bunch of links (and have been trying to add to that list ever since) to sites on the web that have been influential, helpful, and just downright cool.  I think it is worthwhile to update the list and re-post it.  Check this stuff out and, if you are so inclined, please take a moment and add your own favorite site--comics-related or otherwise--in the comments section.

Aaron Severson’s Cosmic Teams Batman Chronology
Absolute Knave by Stephen Ryan
Atop the Fourth Wall
Aussie Nightwriter’s Dick Grayson Blog
Axaxaxas mlö
The Bat Squad
Batman Chronological Order by deaconblackfire76
Batman MicroHeroes Visual Index
Books & Comics Blog
Boosterrific! The Unofficial Annotated Adventures of Booster Gold
Collected Editions
Comic Book Resources
Comics Alliance
Comics Bulletin
The Comics Cube!
The Comic Treadmill
The Comics Archives
The Clockworm
David Uzumeri’s annotations @ Funnybook Babylon
DC Comics Database
Deep Space Transmissions
Don Markstein's Toonopedia
Flash Profiles
Gotham Spoilers
Grantbridge Street
Ian’s Trade Reading Order
Jeff Harvey's Unofficial Silver Age DC Chronology
Karridian's DC Universe 
Legions of Gotham
Let's Be Friends Again
Love dat Joker blog
Matt Seneca Comix
Michael Kooiman’s Cosmic Teams Database
Mike’s Amazing World of DC Comics
Mindless Ones
Nerds of the Round Table
Pop Apostle
The Realm of Ryan
Rikdad’s Comic Thoughts
Savage Critics
Sequart Research & Literacy Organization
Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before…
Superman Homepage
Television Forever
Too Busy Thinking About My Comics
Too Dangerous For a Girl
The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe
The Unauthorized Chronology of the DC Universe
We Believe in Harvey Dent Blog
The Wright Opinion

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