Modern Age (YEAR TWENTY)

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April 2008 to March 2009.

--Infinite Crisis #7
Once the smoke clears around the collapsed reality-altering tower, Conner Kent is dead.  Batman, Kal-L, and Kal-El mourn the loss.  Robin shows up and is particularly devastated at losing such a close friend.  Meanwhile, the Secret Society of Supervillains releases every single supervillain from every single prison on the planet. This mass of villainy begins heading toward Metropolis.  Batman messages Sasha Bordeaux asking her and Checkmate to eliminate Brother Eye, who has crashed in Saudi Arabia (as seen in The OMAC Project: Infinite Crisis Special #1).  Sasha, of course, complies.  With the villain army finally assembling in Metropolis, cue an epic splash page with just about every character imaginable. Hell, even Bane (!) has suited up in his costume just for kicks.  Bane fights against both heroes and villains and even winds up killing Judomaster.  (Last time we saw Bane he supposedly had retired for good and claimed he was going to lead a positive healthy life.  So much for that.)  Many more characters die in the "Battle of Metropolis," including Charaxes, Baron Blitzkreig, Ballistic, Geist, Razorsharp, the Trigger Twins, Lady Spellbinder, and Breach.  Many other characters are seriously injured.  For instance, Riddler gets his skull bashed in by Shining Knight (as seen in Villains United: Infinite Crisis Special #1) and goes into a coma that will last for a year-and-a-half!  Amidst the chaos, Superboy-Prime asks Alexander Luthor what the "New Earth" is like.  Alexander can't be sure of all of the changes, but he does rattle off a list of changes in a very editorial fashion i.e. Diana is now and was always a founding member of the original JLA, Superman was active before moving to Metropolis, and Joe Chill was the Waynes' murderer.  (Of course, our chronology has reflected these retcon changes all along, so they should come as no surprise to us).  Kal-L and Kal-El continue to lead the world's superheroes into battle against the world's supervillains (a battle which spills outside of Metropolis and results in even more countless character deaths).  During the war, several of the heroes, mostly JSA members, recall some memories of their pre-original Crisis lives upon re-meeting Kal-L for the first time.  Eventually, the heroes defeat all the villains.  When Superboy-Prime realizes that this "New Earth" isn't what he had planned for, he decides to destroy the entire universe by flying into Oa and creating a Big Bang.  The superheroes chase after Superboy-Prime to stop him, but Superboy-Prime runs right into the Green Lantern Corps.  Cue epic space battle.  Back on the "New Earth" (Earth-0) Alexander energy-blasts Nightwing, nearly killing him.  Dr. Mid-Nite takes Dick into his care and induces the fallen hero into a coma in order to save him.  An enraged Batman beats down Deathstroke and starts thrashing Alexander, even putting a gun to the latter's head!  Wonder Woman flies in and talks Batman down, which unfortunately, allows Alexander to escape.  Across the universe, Superman beats Superboy-Prime bloody on Oa and the Green Lantern Corps trap the crazed villain.  The threat of Superboy-Prime has ended, but at a price: Kal-L is dead.  The Crisis is over.  A few days pass.  The Speed Force is still gone, which means there are no more Flashes, except Jay Garrick (who has natural metahuman speed powers).  Meanwhile, Alexander Luthor goes into hiding in Gotham, but can't stay hidden from Joker and Lex Luthor.  Lex tells Joker where to find Alexander.  Joker then promptly murders Alexander.  Why?  Remember, Joker was upset because he never got invited into the Secret Society of Supervillains.  But how does Lex benefit from helping Joker?  Simple, Lex takes Alexander's corpse, slightly modifies it, and now has an exact DNA copy scapegoat of himself to blame for all the crimes he committed during and after his presidency!  NOTE:  Thus concludes this incredible and mind-bending tale.  Like the late Alexander told us, many changes have occurred within the DCU, far too many to speak of actually.  But like the changes stemming from the original Crisis or Zero Hour, these new changes alter time in a way that history has indeed changed, but to our characters points of view, they won't really know the difference.  However, unlike previous time-altering retcon events, this event was eye-opening enough that our heroes now have a far greater knowledge of the fact that their histories are indeed altered, but what can they really do, except continue on.  And as far as Infinite Crisis reflects our chronology, it really doesn't, since I've been writing this blog to reflect the changes made by IC ever since day one!

NOTE:  So we have ourselves a brand new "New Earth" aka Earth-0!  But that's not all folks.  Alexander has not only re-created a "New Earth," he has also inadvertently created 52 brand new parallel universes, which each have their own lengthy and unique histories (as seen in 52 #52). In fact, one of these new Earths mirrors the old pre-original Crisis Earth-2, meaning in a sense that Golden Age Batman's history—although he is deceased by this point—is restored (as seen in Justice Society of America Vol. 3 Annual #1)!  A time traveling Booster Gold, Rip Hunter, and Supernova not only witness the creation of these 52 parallel universes, but they also witness the hungry alien worm known as Mr. Mind attempting to literally consume these new universes.  Booster and Rip will have spent a full year (from April 2008 to April 2009) trying to figure out the mystery behind an evil Skeets.  As they get close to solving the mystery in April 2009, the clues lead them time-traveling back to this very point on our chronology where they learn of the 52 universes and Mr. Mind's plot.  The heroes are able to stop Mr. Mind, thus altering the histories of the 52 universes once again, but successfully trapping Mr. Mind in a permanent time loop.  Basically, Mr. Mind will have to relive the events of 52 over and over again forever.  It's a great story, but it would get boring after the billionth time.  Anyway, Booster, Rip, and Supernova travel back to April 2009 after trapping Mr. Mind in the loop.  I should note that due to the time-alteration in this tale, it is revealed that this new version of the multiverse always existed.  However, much like at the end of the original-Crisis, we know that there are countless other parallel universes unscathed by the craziness of Infinite Crisis (such as the Antimatter Universe or the Marvel Universe).

ANOTHER NOTE:  Reflecting on his short time so far as the host for the Spectre, Crispus Allen decides he has a strong distaste for playing the role of the Wrath of God (as seen in Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre #1).  Allen parts ways with the Spectre and becomes a normal spirit again.  The Spectre allows this to occur, but tells Allen that he will return in a year's time to see if he is ready to accept his fate.  Allen, in invisible spirit form, watches his own funeral, visits his family, and spies on Batman as he busts some masked thugs.  Seizing the opportunity to spy on Batman further, Allen follows him home and learns his secret identity!  Allen will spend the next year traveling freely as a roaming spirit until the Spectre comes a-calling once again.  At that point, Allen will accept his destiny and become the Spectre's host.

YET ANOTHER NOTE:  Batman recruits the surgically restored Harvey Dent to become Gotham's newest protector.  They begin a month-long training period to turn Harvey into an effective superhero (as seen in Batman #653).

ONE MORE NOTE:  Dr. Light and Merlyn attack Star City and leave half the city in ruins (as seen in Green Arrow Vol. 3 #54-59).

--Superman/Batman #26
The Teen Titans pay tribute to their fallen friend, Conner Kent.  A statue is erected in his honor in San Francisco.  Robin tells a story about the time Conner and he fought a bunch of Hiro Okamura's silly Toyman robots just for kicks.

NOTE: With newfound knowledge gained during Infinite Crisis, Batman meets with Selina and tells her a bit about the true history of the cosmos, including the fact that on a former alternate Earth, they were married and had a baby (as referenced in Catwoman Vol. 3 #76).

ANOTHER NOTE:  Ever since a year ago, an unnamed government organization (most likely on behalf of the US Armed Forces) has been training new high-tech hand-to-hand combat equipment against the best possible test subject in the world: Batman.  Mission number two occurs now as a random soldier is tasked to fight the Dark Knight.  Batman easily defeats him (as referenced in Batman 80-Page Giant 2011 #1, Part 2). 

--Nightwing Annual #2, Part 1
Three weeks have passed since the end of Infinite Crisis.  Dick wakes up from his coma.  Babs is at his side and they reminisce about the positive aspects of their romantic history together.

NOTE:  Nyssa Al Ghul uses her personal Lazarus Pit to resurrect Lynx (who died during "War Games").  Lynx becomes second-in-command to the League of Assassins (as referenced in Robin #148).

--Nightwing Annual #2, Part 2
Dick has been training for a full week with Babs as a coach, trying to recover from Alexander Luthor's attack.  They discuss Dick's marriage proposal which occurred just prior to "The Battle of Metropolis."  The couple reminisces about the negative aspects of their romantic history.  Bruce then meets Babs and tells her that he is planning on taking a long vacation from crime-fighting.  Bruce then meets with Dick and tells him the same, adding that he would like it if Dick came with him.  Back at Oracle's headquarters, Babs gives her engagement ring back to Dick.  They decide it's best to remain friends.

NOTE:  Sasha Bordeaux becomes one of the leaders (Black Queen) of a re-organized Checkmate.

ANOTHER NOTE:  The Penguin moves back to Gotham and becomes the city's primary crime-broker once again (as referenced in Detective Comics #819).

YET ANOTHER NOTE: Harvey Dent and Batman team-up and bring down Mr. Freeze and Firebug (as seen through flashback in Batman #653).  Harvey officially becomes Gotham's newest vigilante superhero.

ONE MORE NOTE:  With the Batman about to leave for a year, Onyx moves out of Gotham for parts unknown.  She becomes an official contact for Oracle's Birds of Prey.

ONE ADDITIONAL FINAL NOTE: Superman fights Gog, who claims to be from the a future that mirrors what happens on Earth-22 aka the Earth of Kingdom Come (as seen via flashback in Justice Society of America Vol. 3 #13). This Gog, mind you, is not the Gog or Magog from Earth-22. He is actually a former priest named William Matthews who, while on travels in the Congo, stumbled upon the resting place of the Old God known as Gog and was bestowed with metahuman powers. For anyone wondering, the Old God Gog was also responsible for bestowing powers to Earth-22's Gog, who later chooses Magog as his successor, who is responsible for all the trouble in Kindgom Come. Unfortunately, the Old God Gog's gift caused Matthews to go insane and witness visions of Kindom Come, which he came to believe were his own memories, hence his claims of being from Earth-22's dark future and of being Gog. After defeating Matthews, Superman recruits Batman to find out his secret ID, which the Dark Knight does with ease.

--Infinite Crisis #7, Epilogue
Over a month has passed since the end of Infinite Crisis.  It is early May.  In light of all that has happened, Bruce, Clark, and Diana each agree to take a full-year off from crime-fighting.  In fact, Clark is completely de-powered as a result of the fallout from Infinite Crisis.   Bruce goes abroad and takes Dick and Tim with him.  DC's holy trinity leaves the DCU in the capable hands of the rest of the superheroes.  Meanwhile, on Oa, Superboy-Prime is held captive in a Guardian-protected Green Lantern Corps prison.  A crazed Superboy-Prime permanently scars the Superman symbol into his chest and vows to escape one day.  NOTE:  The Epilogue from Nightwing Annual #2 overlaps with this Epilogue as well.  Dick and Tim meet up with Bruce to begin their global travels.  Dick and Babs also send each other letters professing their love for one another and the hope that one day they can be together as a couple again.   


--"Week One, Day One" of 52 begins immediately following the epilogue of Infinite Crisis.  All of these notes are from 52 unless otherwise stated.  Remember, this is Bruce's year-off, so there isn't nearly as much to report as in prior years.  However, I will list the most important DCU stuff and of course, anything that effects the world of Batman specifically.  I won't mention the amazing intimate details regarding the origin of Batwoman and the birth of Renee Montoya as the new Question, nor will I mention the awesome specific details of what happens to Starfire, Adam Strange, Animal Man, and Lobo (!) in deep space, nor will I speak about Ralph Dinby's crazy quest to revive his dead wife, Sue.  BUT, you should absolutely read 52 and find out for yourself!  52 is great!

--"Week One":  Bruce, Tim, and Dick travel abroad on a ship.  They watch Marx Brothers movies, work out, and talk about the mysterious past of the Joker (as seen through flashback in Detective Comics #826). 

--"Week Three":  John Henry Irons (who has come out of retirement and become Steel once again) does an autopsy on the modified corpse of Alexander Luthor, Jr. and publicly confirms that he has Lex Luthor's exact DNA.  Lex is able to prove in a court of law that Alexander replaced him during the middle of his presidency and was actually the one responsible for all the crazy shit that he did.  Of course, this is a lie, but the DNA completely exonerates Lex.  Lex becomes the sole owner and head of LexCorp once again and begins rebuilding his public image.  I can't believe Lex was able to use the "it was my evil clone excuse" AGAIN.

--"Week Five":  Lex Luthor begins his "Everyman Project" which can turn anyone willing into a super-powered metahuman, as long as their genetic make-up syncs with the procedure.  People begin lining up around the block to become superheroes.  Unknown to the public, Lex has the control to turn the "Everyman" powers on and off.

--Around "Week 12" massive corruption within the GCPD begins to show its face (as referenced in Detective Comics #817).

--"Week 16":  Selina Kyle tells Holly Robinson that she is pregnant!  (The father is Sam Bradley, Jr.).  Holly begins training with Wildcat and Alan Scott to become Selina's replacement (as seen through flashback in Catwoman Vol. 3 #56).  Sam, unfortunately, is killed by Black Mask's leftover thugs, and will never get to see his baby girl (as seen through flashback in Catwoman Vol. 3 #62).

--"Week 23": Egg Fu (Chang Tzu) has kidnapped literally all of the DCU's mad scientists and forces them to create gigantic evil mutant-robot warriors on Oolong Island.

--Around "Week 24" Harvey Bullock plays a pivotal role in exposing the corruption within the GCPD.  His record is cleared and he is given his old job back on the force (as referenced in Detective Comics #817). 

--Around "Week 25" Uncle Sam rises from the dead and begins recruiting the brand new Freedom Fighters (as seen in Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters).  For anyone wondering how Uncle Sam rises from the dead, he's the goddamn Spirit of America originally brought to life by an Occult ritual performed by the Founding Fathers in the 18th Century!  He can never really die.

--"Week 26":  Gotham City elects a new mayor.  Little is known about this character, other than the fact that she is female and defeats incumbent David Hull in the election.

--Around "Week 26" Senator Henry Knight is elected President of the United States (as seen in Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters #2).  Unknown to the world, Henry Knight has been murdered by the villain Father Time.  Furthermore, the evil android known as Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard has replaced the real Henry Knight and taken his place as President-Elect.  That's right people, your new president is really Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard.  Amazing.

"Week 27":  Harvey Dent, vigilante protector of Gotham, apprehends Poison Ivy (as referenced in Detective Comics #823).

--"Week 28":  Kate Kane aka the new Batwoman makes her debut, teaming-up with the Question and Renee Montoya against Intergang in Gotham.  It is revealed that Kate and Renee are lovers.  Kate is distantly related to the original Bat-Woman and Bat-Girl, but not by direct bloodline.

--52 #30
"Week 30":  Dick and Tim encounter Intergang smugglers in North Africa while Bruce meets with the Ten-Eyed Brotherhood in the desert in order to "release his inner demons."  Batman #673 and Robin #175 also contain flashbacks featuring the Ten-Eyed Brotherhood scenes in the desert.  Dick then returns to Gotham as Nightwing and meets Batwoman for the first time.

--"Week 32": Ollie Queen wins a special election and becomes the mayor of Star City.

--"Week 33":  Gotham city officials announce that Michael Akins will be removed as commissioner and Jim Gordon will replace him in his old post!  The GCPD throws Jim Gordon a "Welcome Back" party.  Gordon has taken up smoking his pipe again, something he hasn't done in years (ever since his heart attack).  For shame, Jim, for shame.

--"Week 34":  On New Year's Eve, a crazed Lex Luthor shuts down the "Everyman" powers without warning.  Hundreds of flying "Everyman" superheroes plummet to their deaths.  Downtown Metropolis is devastated with piles of bodies and a ton of property damage. 

--"Week 35-36":  Jim Gordon is officially re-instated as Police Commissioner of Gotham for the third time (as referenced in Detective Comics #817), replacing Commissioner Akins, who is mired with serious police corruption charges.  I should mention that Akins never came off as a character that lacked morality.  In fact, he was always very noble, admirable, and good at what he did while in charge of the GCPD.  Therefore, there is no reason to believe that Akins was involved in any wrongdoing.  However, if his entire force was corrupt, city officials would undoubtedly have had no choice but to sever his employment as well.  Poor guy! 

--"Week 38":  Vic Sage (The Question) dies of cancer.

--"Week 38":  Aquaman makes a deal with the gods of the sea in order to save the inhabitants of Sub Diego, who can no longer breathe underwater.  The sea gods raise Sub Diego back above ground, but Aquaman is mutated into the deformed, but magical Dweller of the Depths.  Aquaman, as the Dweller, loses all of his memories and goes quite insane (as seen in World War III #2).

--Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters #5
"Week 38": When terrorists supposedly threaten the President of the United States, Bruce is worried enough to return to Gotham. When the terrorists force Air Force One to land in rural Pennsylvania, Bruce is worried enough to suit up in the Batcave. However, Batman's leave of absence continues as the President gets out an order banning any metahumans besides his own elite First Strike team from responding to the crisis. While superheroes all over the country stand down, Uncle Sam and his Freedom Fighters ignore the command because they know President Knight is really Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard and the whole hijacking is merely a ruse. Despite defeating First Strike, Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters are bested by the President, who frames them for an assassination attempt and has the entire team detained. Gonzo, under orders from Father Time, uses this supposed terrorist action to quickly get authorization from Congress to pass the Meta-Union Act. The Act allows President Gonzo to amend the constitution, making non-governmental superheroes illegal!

--Around "Week 40" the world discovers Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard is President and he is immediately ousted.  Gonzo's Vice President, former President Jonathan Horne, becomes President for a second term (as referenced in Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters #8).

--"Week 40": As seen through flashback in Batman #673 and Robin #175, Bruce begins the Thogal seclusion ritual in the mystical hidden Tibetan city of Nanda Parbat, which is home to the goddess Rama Kushna.  During the intense Thogal ritual Bruce will supposedly "die and be reborn."  Dick and Tim are present when Bruce begins the ritual and wish him well.

--"Week 42":  Elongated Man (Ralph Dinby) is killed by Neron.

--"Week 42":  Nightwing and Robin take down human-traffickers in France and Switzerland (as seen through flashback in Robin #175).

--"Week 42":  Bruce has been in Thogal isolation for 13 days.  He suffers vivid hallucinations (as seen through flashback in Batman #673).

--"Week 44":  Egg Fu's captive mad scientists have created gigantic techno-organic warriors known as The Four Horsemen.  The Horsemen attack Kahndaq and there are massive casualties, including Black Adam's wife, Isis.

--"Week 44":  Dick and Tim convince a wealthy sheik to discontinue working with Intergang in Monte Carlo (as seen in Robin #175).

--"Week 44":  Bruce has been in Thogal isolation for 27 days (or possibly 30, since he has lost track at this point).  (As seen through flashback in Batman #673).

--"Week 45":  A wrathful Black Adam trails Azraeuz (Horseman Death) to Bialya.  As revenge for the attack on his people and for the death of his wife, Black Adam commits total genocide on Bialya, single-handedly leveling the entire nation and murdering all of its inhabitants.  In a matter of hours, Black Adam murders nearly a million people by himself.  Unreal.  Bialya is in complete ruins.  Thousands more perish in the aftermath.

--"Week 46":  Black Adam learns of the original source of the Horsemen and attacks Egg Fu and his mad scientists on Oolong Island, off the coast of China.  Egg Fu, miraculously, is able to use his resources to capture Black Adam!

--"Week 46":  Nightwing and Robin take down Intergang members in Hong Kong then travel to Paris where Robin unveils a new costume (as seen in Robin #176).

--"Week 46":  Lex Luthor is brought up on charges from the New Year's Eve "Everyman" disaster.

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